The Village

This revolutionary Essex site includes village greens, a community centre, properties each with its own substantial garden, the latest water and power saving facilities and many homes will have a solar loft. The Trust is not building elsewhere. This will be the only complex of its type. It will provide local residents with the opportunity to enjoy attractive, carefully designed houses with eco-friendly features. The on site roadways and village greens will be community owned and administered specifically for the benefit of the residents.

Each home will be highly insulated, light, airy and a self-producer of energy for all of its needs. The development will be serviced by its own private roads. It lies beside Newport Recreation Ground and the primary school, about 150 metres from the railway station and close to the village centre.

model showing some houses on the site


The strip of roughly one acre to the rear of the site will be made available to the Primary School conditional upon it being used solely for educational purposes. The Trustees will invest substantial funds in Newport’s infra-structure. This will be a centre for Newport to be proud of. Those who buy or rent houses on it will reap the greatest benefit.

For centuries this has been an agricultural field. Following its inclusion in the former Uttlesford draft local plan the Trust has employed a team of environmental experts to examine how best to incorporate a housing scheme here. We have adopted a design which will improve drainage in the area. The housing will recycle roof and storm water on site. Roadways will be fully permeable. Residue from any rainfall will be stored on site and then released at a controlled rate to a new system taken under London Road and directly to a down stream point in the Cam. This will avoid the flooding which periodically has plagued this area for the past several years. Tree planting on the greens and the area leased to the school together with water saving facilities in each new home will also reduce outflows from the site. These preliminary works must be undertaken before construction of dwellings can begin. Following an initial refusal by the UDC planning committee the planning Inspector has now granted planning permission for the application. If you have an interest in a property to buy or rent you are advised to register that interest now.

historical map of newport



visualisation of the village green

visualisation from the village green