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Sir Arthur Ellis was Professor of Medicine at the London Hospital, Whitechapel and founded the medical unit for academic medicine there. Later he became Regius Professor of Medicine at Oxford University. He married into the Foot-Mitchell family who owned Quendon Hall and a quantity of land around Newport. In the 1950s most of that property was sold. Small portions including the London Road site at Newport remained in the trust. The current trustees who are members of his family have decided to erect a carbon friendly housing complex on the balance. The picture below is a demonstration property designed by our architects, ZedFactory, which you can view at the Building Research Establishment in Watford.

demonstration build at BRE in Watford, see

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If you buy from us you will enjoy a lifetime on a development in which we will continue our involvement through a community land trust. As a resident you will be entitled to involvement in the CLT and hence to a permanent say in how the development is run.


modern, with natural materials - a typical Zed home interior revealing the building structure


We have directed ZedFactory that this should be a low density development with facilities for the site residents and Newport village the priority. No property will be without its own garden. There is an interesting arrangement of complimentary properties, largely surrounding the two substantial village greens and with the section at the rear leased to the school. The building at the entrance which will be utilised during the construction phase is intended for permanent community use. The purpose of the Zed build is to provide housing with zero energy bills and which will not be a tax on the environment. 

The Trustees' requirement was for a build, "Above Level Six Standard". The Government had decreed that all developments must be to level six by 2016 but in 2015 this policy was revoked and watered down to the previous "Level Three" for an indefinite period. This was as a result of sustained lobbying from the construction and development industry. It was decided to continue with the application for this low density and sustainable development. As a result Newport enjoys a proposal for housing which will use zero energy. Many occupiers of these new properties will find that their annual energy bill is negative. The houses will be heavily insulated with water saving appliances throughout. The site will be built to a highly permeable and water re-circulation specification, reducing Newport’s flooding problems. The tree planting scheme will reduce the carbon impact of the site still further. Our environmental experts will ensure that wildlife on this site is enhanced from that able to exist on farmed arable land. Their scheme will employ a variety of systems that will be installed site-wide.


the proposed material palette


The Trust believes that these plans and others that are shared with local supporters will demonstrate that it is possible to do so with environmental concern and with local needs in mind.  We believe that the London Road site will bring to Newport and its residents an environmental scheme that will persuade others considering development to adopt similar models. This should help to bring about the changes in planning schemes which are needed and wanted.

visualisation from the village green

visualisation from the village green