the proposed material palette


Kit Housing System

Kits facilitate the onsite build – only 6 to 8 weeks erection time for the shell and core. All Zero Bills Homes embody the following ingredients:

Air-tight Construction- In order to keep the valuable heat and coolth in, the buildings have as little uncontrolled ventilation as possible.

Thermal Mass- Using dense materials in the ceilings and floors reduces fluctuations in temperature from internal heat gains and losses through open windows 

ZEDheat-hub - ventilation system with heat recovery, micro-heat pump, compact hot water cylinder, optional coil for a wood stove.

HiminZED ZEDroof - integrated PV panels to generate all net electricity demands on site.

High levels of insulation- Wrapping the thermal mass in high levels of insulation reduces the need for active heating and cooling in a building to an absolute minimum.

Structure - Low-embodied-energy building structure


details of the building physics model



Built under factory conditions using modern methods of construction (MMC), on-site waste and inefficiencies are reduced to a minimum. The frame can be delivered to site and erected in a matter of days, ensuring quick construction times. The frame is covered by a minimum 15 year warranty, and can be sourced from a number of timber frame factories around the UK. It is more efficient to control quality standards in a factory production environment than on a building site. Production line methods ensure better control of costs, leading to more cost effective prices for house buyers. The fixed prices for kits avoid the pitfall of cost overruns.  

visualisation of the village green