Our Plan

This planning application was submitted to Uttlesford District Council in June 2015. The Trustees have in consultation with local opinion and with Essex CC and Uttlesford DC made numerous revisions and improvements to the plan and agreed extensions.

94 new dwellings are proposed. There is a mixture of 57 open market units including some custom build and 37 affordable units. At the proposed new site entrance is an intended B1 use building. This is initially for site construction. When the scheme is complete it will be designated for community use.


sketch of the existing site


The strip of roughly one acre to the rear of the site will be made available to the Primary School conditional upon it being used solely for educational purposes. The school and its governors together with Essex County Council have indicated that they require parking for school staff on part of the strip which will be built for them. Access to the new housing and to the school parking is from London Road with an additional walkway to Frambury Lane.

The housing is shielded from London Road and spirals around two large village greens. The site's roadways and its parking will remain private and in the ownership of a community land trust as will the greens. These will be planted with native species. The Northern green includes educational facilities which will be shared by residents with the school should the school elect to make use of them. The ponds you can see will enhance recreational and aesthetic qualities of the area and will assist in drainage requirements for this gently sloping site. They will be fully safeguarded against any accident.


current plan -- 15/11/2016


visualisation of the village green


visualisation the village green

visualisation the village green