The Homes

Each home on this site is designed by internationally acclaimed architects, Zedfactory, and will be fully sustainable with solar power such that your energy bills should be nil.The latest electrical storage system will be available so that you need never suffer from a power cut. Water saving and recycling facilities will help the environment. The homes will be insulated to the highest standard and built to a substantial thermal mass meaning that they stay warm in winter but keep cool in summer. Build and finish will be to the highest standard and if you register early you can design your own interior, choose your own finish or opt for a "self build" where we provide the main structure and all the services with the finish of your home being effected by you.

You can see from the draft site plan that the five and four bed properties and the bungalows are all provided with their own garage large enough for two vehicles. Most three bed properties also have their own garage but some are terraced and without. All homes including the flats are supplied with substantial garden space and have their own and visitors' parking spaces.

a unique integrated solar roofing system is used on all our homes


Register now if you want to enjoy the scheme under which you can re-structure the internal arrangements of the property on your chosen plot. This will allow you to draw up your own internal design which the Trust will build for you.

Those with practical skills can purchase off-plan under the Trust’s discounted “self-build” arrangement. If you opt for this, we build the structure of the house from foundations to roof including “zero energy” installations. You then complete final fix and finishing work, saving a substantial portion of the purchase cost. Again, the Trust advises early registration if you are interested in this option.

Demonstration build of a Zero Bills Home at BRE in Watford

visualisation of one of the proposed village greens

visualisation of one of the proposed village greens

Full details of the House-Type plans and specifications are available on request