The Trust's scheme provides for much of the housing to be “affordable”. Arrangements for this remain in discussion. The Trust’s preferred option is to operate affordable housing under the auspices of a community land trust. If we realise this, our intention is to price each designated  “affordable” home at 20% below current market value. 11 of the affordable homes will be offered for sale by the Trust on a shared equity basis. This can enable you to buy an equity share for little more than 20% of the cost of a market mortgage. 26 of the affordable homes are designated for rental at below market rents.

For more information on “affordable homes” please visit the National Planning Policy Framework of March 2012, especially Annex 2 of the Glossary to the leaflet you can open.

The Trust intends to make these properties available to existing residents of the immediate area of Newport who require an affordable home by reason of the nature of their employment in the area, family responsibilities and connections or disability and will be in discussion with Uttlesford regarding implementing such a scheme.

If you believe that you may qualify for one of these affordable homes, please register your interest now

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